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Como Springs Resort originally began on this property in 1928. The resort has evolved over time and has at one time or another included different amenities.  Many from Morgan and surrounding areas have fond memories of Como Springs Resort; from the warm spring swimming pools, the moss covered slide, the roller skating rink, the cabins, the camping, the cafe, the swimming lessons, the concession stands and Como Lake.  Families spent summers here enjoying the peaceful setting and the proximity to the beautiful landscapes in Morgan County.  The Resort was owned by the Heiner family until 1986 when it closed its doors, due to rising insurance and maintenance costs.  The property was purchased/leased to a water bottling company and a brine shrimp company until it was purchased by the current owner, Granda Real Estate, LLC in 2001.  The RV/Camping area continued to function and was leased to RiverBridge RV Park from 2014 to August 2019.  As of September 2019, Granda Real Estate has renamed the property as Como Springs Resort and reclaimed management of the entire property.  Granda Real Estate has plans to make-over Como Springs Resort and breath life back to this historic property, revive the past for families to return and continue to make the memories in this special place.  As Como Springs Resort receives a make-over, work has commenced to removed the old motel.

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